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Cotton Threads

Textile yarns

Cotton yarns (Open-End, Carded, Combed, Compact and Siro)

Polyester-Cotton yarns (Open-End, Carded, Combed, Compact and Siro)

Polyester yarns (Open-End, Filament – FDY, DTY and ATY, Airjet and Ring-Spun)

Linen and Hemp Yarns (Ring-spun and Open-End)

Silk Yarns (Ring-Spun and Filament)

Jute Yarns (Open-End)

Viscose Yarns (Open-End, Ring-Spun and Airjet)

Polypropylene Yarns (Filament – FDY and DTY)


Wool and Cashmere Yarns (Ring-Spun and Worsted)   


Bamboo Yarns (Ring-Spun and Airjet)


Acrylic yarns (Normal and High Bulk)


Special Yarns: different blends, melange yarns, core-spun yarns, slub yarns, PVA twisted yarns, Chenille yarns and other fancy yarns.

Yarns can be provided with different certifications, upon request. They can also be provided both greige or dyed

END-USE: Garments, bedsheets, bedspreads, quilts, mattress fabric, bags, terry-towels, table cloth, shirts, etc

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